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Calling 911
Posted on Jan 23rd, 2019

Residents are reminded that ALL calls for police services must go through Butler County 911 system. This includes all calls regardless of whether or not the issue is a true emergency. We understand that callers can be initially uncomfortable calling 911 for what they feel is a non-emergency, but the Butler County 911 system tracks all calls and dispatches the necessary law enforcement and/or emergency personnel. The Adams Township Police ask that residents refrain from contacting the Police Department’s general telephone number with any issues requesting a police response.

Calls to the Police Department can go unanswered especially in the evening and weekend hours. If a resident needs to speak with an Officer regarding a non-emergency issue, they can contact the Butler County 911 system through the non-emergency phone number 724-287-7769 or 911. If you need to speak with a particular Officer, you may call the Police Department and choose the appropriate extension. Thank you for your cooperation.


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